Clean, classy, refined and screaming luxury website and rebranding for a Premium Domestic Placement Agency in Dubai.

I love this project since it was the first I made for an international client since I become a freelancer.

HOW IT STARTED. Savoir Vivre is a Premium Domestic Placement Agency based in Dubai that delivers the highest standard professionals to suit the most demanding, challenging and delicate household tasks. Savoir Vivre was looking for a clean, classy, refined and screaming luxury website and I was thrilled to work with them.

THE WEBSITE. Intended for Middle Eastern royal families, Savoir Vivre displays customized images and delicate and elegant visuals in soft tones to convey the vision and the look and feel requested by the Agency. The graphic follows this line as well. The project has also involved a few emerging and talented fashion designers, including Romero Bryan, Amal Murad and Ivana Knez, who created Savoir Vivre uniforms. Drama Studio supplied all of the accessories used during the photo shooting. The website has been developed by ZAN Solution, a hub of all IT-related services in Lahore, Pakistan, and it is now online:

AND MUCH MORE. Besides working on the website, I did the logo restyling, Savoir Vivre business and Package cards and I am very grateful to Savoir Vivre and their team for this great experience – it filled me with enthusiasm and energy. At Savoir Vivre, I found wonderful people who worked with great dedication and love at building the identity of a wonderful brand. Take a look at Savoir Vivre Facebook Profile

TODAY. We’re working on new ideas, I really hope to share them soon!