Gleaming look & feel for Lema J Design, a Florida-based jewelry label with a social mission.

HOW IT STARTED. In the best possible way. Lema J was looking for a logo for its new company and posted a brief on a crowdsourcing website in November 2013. They needed a contemporary logo for their luxury leather jewelry company based in Orlando. The team chose my proposal and I won the contest.

JUPITER. Back then, Lema J’s production was limited to logo and business cards. A couple of months later, Jill Becker – Lema J’s CEO – contacted me: Lema J was taking off and they needed a graphic designer to help their communication department build a new strong graphic identity for the brand.
Two weeks later I landed in Florida and, after a shared taxi ride adventure, I arrived to Jupiter, where I met Jill for the first time. Dazzled by her gorgeous orange dress and her sparkling eyes, I understood I was in the right place at the right time.

THE LOGO (AND MUCH MORE). I needed to start from scratch. Nothing had been established yet, and my job as an Art Director was to provide the brand with an image, define a fil rouge that would connect contents, and use colors, fonts and photographs to convey the concept. My work led to a graphic outcome: logo, business cards, customized pouches, coupons, newsletters, pads, and beautiful trays that are used to display the cuffs during Lema J’s events.

THE WEBSITE. is a gleaming, responsive e-commerce website that was completely redesigned in structure, displaying clean graphics and new pictures that I took myself. The graphic design was developed and implemented by Codex, a web development agency based in Pavia, Italy.

LEMA J: A JEWELER WITH A SOCIAL MISSION. Lema J was founded in November 2013 by sisters Jenny Benscher and Jill Becker. Their premiere line of cuffs is entirely handmade, each piece made of beautifully tanned and dyed stingray leather, lined in colorful lambskin, and finished with a soft lambskin liner. But Lema J is more than a collection of cuffs. In September 2012, Jill’s daughter Cara was diagnosed with Leukemia. Cara passed away in December 2012. In the wake of the tragedy, Jenny crafted a special stingray cuff in Cara’s favorite orange tone, detailed it with the protective eye, and gave it to her sister. It was this cuff – this act of unconditional sisterly love – that got Jill out of bed, onto her feet and back into life. Since then, Lema J devolves 100% of the profits to the Karma for Cara Foundation, and with every purchase of the orange Karma for Cara Cuff, another part is given to a patient with leukemia.

The great experience consists of the relationships I built with Lema J, by getting to know these warm, strong people I admire so much and I share ideas with to this day. Also, I loved to create colored compositions of cuffs!

Working on something I love is such a booster for me, and I am thrilled to work on this socially responsible line of cuffs. I strongly believe in Lema J’s philosophy and I am truly grateful for this opportunity.

Take a look at Lema J Facebook Profile or visit the new website