Logo and Website Rebranding for the Karma for Cara Foundation, a non-profit organization with a three-fold mission of: engaging youth, awarding unsung heroes, and factually helping patients with leukemia.

HOW IT STARTED . I started to work for the Foundation in February 2014. Back then, Karma for Cara Foundation needed to build some ideas for “Remembering Cara: a Special Night with Morley”, an intimate event created to celebrate the Foundation, the family members, the friends and all the K4C supporters. It was soon clear that the May 18th Event could be a great opportunity to create a new visual identity — so I started working on the logo.

THE BUTTERFLY. I was looking for a symbol representing the logo. I didn’t want it to bear a religious connotation, or anything linked to a charity perception. In my mind, this symbol was simple yet different from what was already around. The butterfly idea was irrational, and not generated from a real concept. My feeling was that a butterfly could perfectly epitomize such a sensitive topic, as it carries an inherent sense of delicacy and discretion, and is beautifully vibrant, peaceful and silent.

MAY 18th EVENT. The new Karma for Cara Foundation visual identity was thus created and implemented. Newsletters, invitations, cards, banners, posters about all of the awesome projects supported by the Foundation are available online, together with merchandising products and cool stuff, such as mugs and T-shirts, in order to raise money to sustain its activity and goals.

THE WEBSITE. Karmaforcara.org was completely redesigned in order to be consistent with the new Foundation’s image. The logo’s fresh design mirrors the elegant and discreet layout framing the pictures of Cara and her family. The graphic design was developed and implemented by Codex, a web development agency based in Pavia, Italy.

KARMA FOR CARA FOUNDATION. Karma for Cara Foundation is a non-profit founded by 21-year-old Cara Becker and her family while she was being treated for leukemia at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center in October of 2012. Cara had always been involved in community service since a young age, and she and her family saw a tremendous need to support other patients who were going through the same challenging treatment. Tragically, Cara passed away in December 2012 from complications from leukemia. Yet her dream lives on through the vision and works of the foundation, her family, and friends who are inspired by her example of service and interest in helping others, even when she herself was in need of help. Learn more on karmaforcara.org

TODAY. We’re still collaborating and I am glad and grateful for the opportunity I was given to offer my contribution to the project.