Fontana Grafica. Sustainability, Recycle and Beauty shape up, in your hands. Invitation and event setting

HOW IT STARTED. I was introduced to Fontana Grafica when I started to work. I was looking for a very particular material to create a catalogue I was designing for an agency.

FONTANA GRAFICA. Fontana Grafica is a supplier of high quality upholstery materials, offering special papers along with consumable materials used in the graphic arts field: printing, publishing, bookbinding, paper products, packaging and luxury packaging, display and small leather industry.

THE CONCEPT. The invitation was made for an event that aimed at showing the products created using the company’s materials. Fontana Grafica is very eco-conscious — this is why I decided to work starting from the sustainability concept. Fontana Grafica distributes upholstery materials for luxury packaging — I started here in order to create a bi-dimensional invitation that would become three-dimensional: a cube, a box, the product that Fontana Grafica upholsters with their special papers.

HOW IT WAS MADE. The microwave cardboard evokes the recycling world; Wibalin (a Fontana Grafica paper), coupled with microwave cardboard evokes luxury packaging; monochromatic screen printing recalls simplicity of shape.

The outcome is awesome!