New Identity for a Swiss Company in the biotechnology field.
Logo, website and icons collection inspired by microscope pictures.

HOW IT STARTED. CELLnTEC was looking for a designer who could find a new image for the company. Their original request was for me to create a logo, a website and an icons collection.

CELLnTEC REBRANDING. I started to work on the logo, a cell divided up in six parts – CELLnTEC products. Following the CELLnTEC rebranding, I created a website layout that would accommodate their extensive range of products, while conveying the clean and minimal nature of their company. Avoiding pages crowded with information, the website uses a schematic approach, more direct and effective. I worked on the look and feel of CELLnTEC website by choosing cold light blue tones that would recall the tidiness of a biotechnology lab. The bright and vivid colors used to illustrate icons and titles helped highlighting products and concepts. The same color pattern appears in the customized icons collection, catalogue and product labels, providing the project with inner consistency.

Punctual and cooperative, Peter Girling, Founder of CELLnTEC, led me through the different stages of the work, making space for ideas and enthusiastically accepting new proposals both in the layout and the development phases. The job was quite complex and challenging, but Mr. Girling’s and all CELLnTEC’s positive approach made is smoother and easier to accomplish.

DEVELOPMENT. The website, which displays a quite complex structure, has been coded by Codex (a web development agency based in Pavia, Italy). 
Codex did an excellent work by responding to the client’s requests and changes, and by suggesting smart solutions to several issues that were raised during the process. The website is on line: