Be the Butterfly Effect and start changing the world.
by Monica Rivella

I decided to use my skills to do something useful to others, because I wanted my work to have a stronger impact. I designed a project, Be the Effect, that bears an important social mission and conveys a positive message. This message of solidarity sets out from the daily life of people and extends to everyone, engaging collective energies and commitment.

Inspired by Edward Lorenz’s Butterfly Effect theory, Be the Effect proves that each one of us can become part of a change and make a difference in someone else’s life through a small gesture.

A portion of the proceeds from each project I make is donated to two organizations that deeply affected me on a personal and professional level: the Karma for Cara Foundation and Fondazione de Marchi ONLUS.

My purpose and responsibility as a designer go beyond the job I do in order to support causes that serve the communal well-being with a strong commitment towards solidarity, whose consequences are already making a difference. One step at a time. One flap at a time.

The more we are, the stronger the Effect will be, visit: