About me

My name is Monica Rivella. I am a Graphic Designer. I specialize in Corporate Identity, Below-the-Line, Digital and Web Design and Social Media Management.

If I were to use just a few words to describe myself, I would say that I am “hardworking, diligent and always on the go”. I have a multidisciplinary approach and I am mainly focused on a clean, simple and fresh perspective.

I graduated at NABA – Milan’s New Academy of Fine Arts in Communication and Graphic Design. After the Academy, I held several executive positions in prominent communication and branding agencies. My professional breaking point was the last role I covered at Cacao Design, a Milan agency focused on branding. 
My main interest was the design and development of BTL materials and the coordination of the suppliers involved – printing companies, photographers, stylists and illustrators. My experience at Cacao was an evolving maturity curve: I refined my working method, by learning to communicate the most important messages in a simple yet subtle way.

And yet again, things changed. At the end of summer 2013, I decided to start a career as a freelancer working with national and international clients directly. I love my job and I strongly believe in what I do.

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